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The activities of the WGs' are:

  • the preparation of data for simulating their test cases (geometry, materials, material properties, sources…)
  • the possible simulations with existing software (PicUp3d, in-house software…)

The access to working groups is possible for registred users only.

Working group Managment

The working group areas are LibreSource sub-projects specifically dedicated to each WG. By default, these areas cannot be viewed if you are not a WG registred users (i.e. WG's managers, memebers or observers). The managers of the WG area can extend or adapt his WG areas to its specific needs.

The working group is composed by default of

  • An home page that present the project with other informations. This page is a Wiki page and can be edited directly online by the members of the working group, by clicking the link edit this page at the bottom of the page.
  • A private forum where WG's members can post thread (i.e subject) and exchange messages.
  • A Download area where members can upload/download files and observers can download the uploaded files.

The default security rules are:

  • Managers: People that are allowed to create and delete any resource of the working group.
    • We recommend STRONGLY to define only one Manager.
    • As manager you get the rights to manage a subpart of the LibreSource platform. By now you are technically and legally responsible of the content of your working group area. In order to prevent any abuse, we recommend you to follow the current security rules and prevent anonymous user from getting owner of any libresource data. (Don't allow the /users/guest or /groups/all the right CREATE )
  • Members: People that are allowed to see, updated data, use ressources and participate in the working group, but can't became owner of any resource.
  • Observers: People that are just allowed to read or download anything of the working group.

How to add a new user in a Workging Group

Create the user (this should be done by the user himself).

  1. Click on the link Login on the upper right corner of the page
  2. Click on the link Register a new user

Add a new user to a group (Only the manager can do it).

  1. Go to the group (You should see the list of the user of the group)
  2. Add the user by entering the URI of the user (/users/login)

How to create a new resource

Yo can add new resources (download area, synchronizer, forum, wiki page, etc...) in order to adapt your sub-project to the needs of the WG.

Create the resource

  1. Click on the link Create new Resource on the upper right corner of the page.
    1. Choose the resource type that you want to create.
    2. Choose the NAMING of the resource, i.e give a name to your new ressource at the end of the given path.
      Be careful: This name corresponds implicitly to an Id. It should not contain any space or specific character. It should not contain the .gif extension or any numbers. Please use only ASCII alphabetic characters.
    3. Create it !
  2. Edit the menu in order to make it available easily.
    1. Make a relative link with the syntaxe "[resourceName]"
  3. Edit the resource in order to change it's default name.
    1. Click on the link Edit this ResourceType on the upper right corner of the page.
    2. Change the name and the description of the current resource.
  4. If you change the security rules make sure that you don't give the right to CREATE to anyone exept for the managers of the working group.

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