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This area is dedicated to the Cross Validation Working Group (CVWG). According to the issues outlined during the Xth SCTC, 2005, at Tsukuba in Japan, the aim of the Cross Validation Working is to perform through a common validation campagne the various simulation software dedicated to the spacecraft charging and spacecraft-plasma interaction. This action inlcudes:
  • the MUSCAT project;
  • the NASCAP-2K code;
  • the SPIS project.
This action should be done through:
  • A cross-validation by the definition of a set of common test cases processed by the various codes;
  • The definition of a set of test cases where theoretical and numerical results can be compared;
  • The identification of a set of "challenges cases", identified as "potential limites for the present state-of-the-art in numerical models".
The list of involving sofware and tools is indicative and is open to other codes and tools related to plasma physics and surface/plasma interaction. Please feel free to contact for further informations.

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