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Work and developement area relative the ESA project intituled "Interoperability for Space Environment Analysis Tools" (ref. AO/1-7798/14/NL/AK) performed by etamax space GmbH in partnership with Artenum SARL.

The aim of the present project is to establish, through the development of a dedicated standalone converter, the interoperability of the data model of the SPIS software from/toward other Space Envrionnement Analysis Tools (SEATs) through the normalised STEP-SPE protocole.

For further information, please contact:

  • ESA's contract officer: Fabrice Cipriani
  • Etamax administrative contact: Dr. Karl Dietrich Bunte
  • Etamax technical contact: Jewel Pervez
  • Artenum administrative contact: Julien Forest
  • Artenum technical contact: Benjamin Jeanty-Ruard

Work packages

Software developments

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