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The development of a new Spacecraft-Plasma Interaction modelling Software (SPIS) was started within SPINE community in December 2002. The motivations and requirements for this software development were recalled during the 4th SPINE Meeting. The first software developments and Working Group activities for software testing and appropriation were reported during the 5th SPINE Meeting. The first operational version of the software was released and a course on SPIS was held in Kiruna during 6th SPINE Meeting. A second version was released around 7th SPINE Meeting. It allowed an easier control of the solvers through the Graphical User Interface. Releases of SPIS software can be found on SPIS download page.

The third phase of SPINE project is now devoted to code maintenance and community support, including bug fixing and minonr improvements requested by the community. In that purpose each of the three Working Group shall meet twice, the first time to define their working program and contractor requests, the second time to review their achivements and problems. This 8th SPINE meeting shall hold 2nd WG1 meeting and 1st WG2 meeting (see e.g. SPINE events for a long term program)


This meeting will last two days, 7 and 8 December 2004.

The first morning will be a plenary SPINE meeting, mostly devoted to presenting the new functionalities of the SPIS code, implemented since last June. The new LibreSource-based web site for SPIS will also be presented. Both the new version of SPIS code and web site will be released a week ahead of the meeting.

The first afternoon will be the second working meeting of SPINE Working Group 1 (WG1). We recall that this group was constituted around the topic of sheath modelling and the challenging test case of Cluster spacecraft. Their program of work was defined during first WG1 meeting last June in Toulouse. This second WG1 meeting will be a review of WG1 achievements and difficulties. Propositions of presentations should be sent to persons in charge of WG 1, both Harri Laakso and Alain Hilgers. Although focussed on WG1 topics, attendance is of course open to everybody.

The second day will be the first working meeting of SPINE Working Group 2 (WG2). We recall that this group was constituted around the topic of artificial plasma, hence mostly electric propulsion, and the challenging test case of SMART 1 mission. The purposes of this first meeting are the following: reviewing available data, defining a program of work, some possible requests from contractors, and distributing the tasks between WG2 members. Propositions of presentations should be sent to WG 2 co-ordinator, Eric Gengembre. Although focussed on WG2 topics, attendance is open to everybody.


This meeting will be held at ESA headquarters, in Paris, France, on 7-8 December 2004. An acces map can found here. A list of hotel can be found here.

Preliminary Programme

  • 7 December - morning starting 9:30 am:
    • SPIS code new features presentation and demonstration (ONERA-Artenum contractors)
    • new SPIS web site base on LibreSource (Artenum)
  • 7 December - afternoon :
    • review of WG1 achievements: Langmuir probe tests and Cluster test case modelling
    • discussion: difficulties, extra tests or requests...
  • 8 December ending 6:00 pm:
    • review of WG2 data, objectives and program (presentations - discussion): available flight measurements, ground data on plumes, theoretical models, SMART1 test case modelling...
    • work plan definition

Call for papers

Presentations for the WG1 session day of 7 December afternoon are to be submitted by e-mail to Harri Laakso and Alain Hilgers Presentations for the WG2 session of 8 December are to be submitted to its coordinator Eric Gengembre

Call for registration

The registration request should contain standard information about the participant and his organisation.
It should be sent to Jean-François Roussel (

Important dates

  • 3 November 2004:
    This announcement on the web (+ mailing)
  • 26 November 2004:
    Deadline for registration (by e-mail to Jean-François Roussel ( and Alain Hilgers (
  • 26 November 2004:
    Deadline for presentation submission
  • 7-8 December 2004:
    Workshop at Paris


Workshop organiser: Jean-Francois Roussel (
Local organiser: Alain Hilgers (
SPINE web site:

Organising committee:

  • Jean-Francois Roussel - ONERA
  • Alain Hilgers - ESA

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