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This meeting has been held on 7 and 8 December 2005.

Progress on the development of the open source SPIS code and community collaboration tools will be presented on 7 December while progress of the Working Group 3 activities on spacecraft charging will be presented on 8 December.

Key-words: spacecraft charging, CAD for space engineering, libre source, space environment, harmonisation, Open source software.

Organisation and Location

This meeting will be held at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, on 7-8 December 2005 in the Escape Dance Room.

Preliminary Programme

Wednesday December 7, 10am-5:30pm: SPIS final presentation

10:00 Executive Summary (J.-F. Roussel, ONERA)

Software capabilities

  • 10:15-11:10: the framework SPIS-UI (Artenum)
    • CAD and meshing
    • configuring and executing runs (via GUI or script)
    • post-processing
  • 11:10-12:00: the numerical core SPIS-Num (ONERA)
Testing and validation
  • 13-14:00: Electrostatic sheaths (A. Hilgers, ESA)
  • 14-15:00: Electric propulsion:
    • Hall Effect Thruster (A. Hilgers, ESA)
    • FEEP (J.-F. Roussel, ONERA)
  • 15-16:00: charging and material properties (J.-F. Roussel, A. Hilgers)
  • 16-17:30: Round table on future development and community strategy
    • Material properties (L. Levy, ONERA)
    • SPI Handbook (J. Demol, BIRA)
    • ECSS-E-20-06 (D. Rodgers, QinetiQ)
    • ESA strategy (A. Hilgers, ESA)
    • CNES strategy (D. Payan, CNES)
    • IP and Licensing (G. Rousseau, INRIA)
    • Round table discussion
Thursday December 8, 9am-12:30pm: Working Group3 activities
  • Community collaboration tools (J. Forest, Artenum)
  • Activities at ESA (A. Hilgers, ESA)
  • Material properties (L. Levy, ONERA)
  • Inverted Voltage Gradient in GEO (J.-F. Roussel, ONERA)
  • Start of ESD modelling activity (J.-F. Roussel, ONERA)
  • Importance of secondary electron emission modelling (S. Clerc, ALCATEL-ALENIA)
  • A case study of spacecraft charging (S. Clerc, ALCATEL-ALENIA)
  • other WG3 members expected

Call for papers

Requests of presentations should be sent to WG3 leader, Marie-Laure Fille (

Call for registration

The registration request should contain standard information about the participant and his organisation.
It should be sent to Alain Hilgers ( and jean-Francois Roussel (

Important dates

Wednesday October 19: submission and registration deadline


Workshop organiser: Jean-Francois Roussel (
Local organiser: Alain Hilgers (

Please send to both adresses.

SPINE web site:

Organising committee:

  • Jean-Francois Roussel - ONERA
  • Alain Hilgers - ESA
Information on how to reach ESTEC:

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