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12th SPINE Meeting: Announcement and call for papers

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This meeting will focus on the utilisation of the SPIS software and the analysis of the requirements for its maintenance and evolution.


Escape Dance Room, ESTEC, The Netherlands


All SPIS users are invited to attend the meeting and to submit the title of their presentation dealing with the utilisation of SPIS.

Please send an email as early as possible to indicate whether you are planning to attend and with a preliminary title of your presentation.

SPIS users not able to attend this meeting are also welcome to send their comments, suggestions and requirements related to future SPIS developments and evolution.

Preliminary Agenda


  • Welcome (A. Hilgers)
  • Plasma-physics-related activities at ESA Advanced Concepts Team (C. Bombardelli)
  • Review of SPIS modelling activitie at ONERA (J.-F. Roussel)
  • Coffee Break
  • Review of SPIS modelling activitie at ESA (D. Rodgers / S. Clucas)
  • 3D effects on current to a highly positive, rocket-borne boom with non-convex cross section (J. Sanmartin)
  • Neutralizer Plume Model (Appliction to FEEP thrusters) (A. Passaro)
  • Modelling requirements for a GEO experiment (B. Andersson)
  • SPIS Modelling of differential biasing and sheath effects on DEMETER's ICE measurements (R. Marchand)

Lunch Break


  • SPIS software status (J.-F. Roussel)
  • SCOS project and User interface (J. Forest)
  • Maintenance requirements (A. Hilgers)
  • Modelling requirements (D. Rodgers)
  • Software requirements (S. Clucas)
  • SPIS governance (A. Hilgers)
  • ESA R&D plans (D. Rodgers)
  • Other SPINE members development plans and synthesis (A. Hilgers)

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