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If you may be interested to follow the SPIS-Training course, please feel and send the following form to

By the present, I confirm my interest to the 2012 Winter School – “Introduction to SPIS“ Training Course.

I understand this form is an expression of interest only, without obligation, and does not constitutes a firm registration for the 2012 Winter School – “Introduction to SPIS“ Training Course.

Please check the relevant boxes to specify your demand:

[ ] under reserves of the availability on theses cessions, I expect to register ….. students for my organization (please indicate the number of expected registered students). [ ] I express my interest for one “ESA student grant”, if possible. [ ] I can provide my own hardware (i.e. laptop) for the practical works.

Contact information:

Organisation name:

Contact name (*):

Contact e-mail (*):


Phone number:

[ ] ESA’s member country

(*) mandatory information.

Free questions/comments on the proposed program:

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