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Published material

  • Reference Manual:The detailed reference documentation (API) of the Spis library under hypertext form (HTML) directly produced from the source codes using Javadoc based scripts. This document is actually included in the package for download.
  • J.Forest, User Requirements Document version 1.4, IPICSS Project, IRF-K, October 2000

unpublished material

Other unpublished documentation is available upon request for registered users. In the near future, it is foreseen to publish the following:

  • User Manual: Producing a user manual while the code experienced continuous and rapid mutations was not deemed to be appropriate. This task is now on our agenda and we hope to accomplish it soon with the help of the user's feedback.
  • Technical Notes not yet published
  • Particle-In-Cell model (PIC), PlasmaLEO class
    • TN 1.0: General Introduction
    • TN 2.0: Particle-In-Cell (PIC) model
    • TN 3.0: Coordinates Systems and Grids Structure describes all coordinates systems and grid structures used in the Spis libray.
    • TN 4.0: Characteristic Scales gives the characteristic scales used in the Spis library to express the dimensionless expression of implemented equations. This TN describes also the way to convert from SI unit to dimless units and reciprocally.
    • TN 5.0: Particle Motion describes in details the module of integration of the particles motion and gives the results of validation tests.
    • TN 6.0: Potential Derivation presents methods used in the integration of the Poisson's equation and the related boundary conditions.
    • TN 7.1: Spacecraft Structure
    • TN 9.0: Boundary Conditions and Sources of Particles

Scientific publications

For more information, please contact us.

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