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Two different versions of the current stat of SPIS are available:
  • The Alpha Version is automatically built and transfered from the Core Team Development synchronisers, every night. This version is most up-to-date, but is not tested or validated and can unstable. On request, community's developers may have a commit access right on these synchronisers and directly contribute to the development.
  • The Stable Version is checked. It is updated for every official release of SPIS (RC, stable). Some components are given as tarball files.
The last reference version is still available as simple tarball file in the official download area.

Spis Alpha VersionSpis Stable VersionOther
SpisUI (deprecated)
SpisUI Branch 2
Documentation Synchroniser
Documentation download area
Spis forum
Bug tracker
Official download area

Installation and settings of the synchronisers and the development workshop

The developement workshop has been divided into five sub-projects:

  • SPIS-NUM: dedicated to the developement of the SPIS-NUM components, available through a So6 synchroniser.
  • SPIS-UI Branch 2: dedicated to the developement of the SPIS-UI components, available through a So6 synchroniser.
  • Third Part: set of extenal librairies (VTK, JVMs....), available as tarball file.
  • Data: set of input files, available through a So6 synchroniser.
  • Doc: the user and technical documentation, available as tarball file.

Tree structure

Before to synchronise, you MUST reduild locally the following file system structure in order to have a complete and self-consistent archive of SPIS.

   |- SpisUI 
   |- SpisNum 
   |- ThirPart 
   |- Doc
   |- Data

NB: SpisUI is deprecated now. It must be replaced by SpisUI Branch 2 in place of the classic SpisUI. For a complete uptdate, please mose the old SpisUI directory to another name (e.g SpisUIOld). Create a new SpisUI directory and update you on the SpisUI Branch 2 synchroniser.

Local workspace creation

For the details regarding the creation a locate work space, please see the How to install Java Web Start and How to create a local workspace pages. Please pay attention too the fact that data under this directory will be shared by all users of the current syncrhoniser after synchronisation.

Each synchroniser should be attached to the corresponding directory.

Additionnal files

You must add the following files into the SPIS-ROOT directory:

  •, empty file.
Comments: The first synchronisation may be long.

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