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As a default template you have a set of working tools such as :

  • Home page that can be edited by the managers
  • A dedicated forum for managing the communication of your project.
  • A dedicated download are where you can upload and download your own data.
  • The set of the default spis version systems. (Synchronizers)
    • SpisNum
    • SpisUI
    • Data
    • Documentation
  • A set of security groups
    • Observers
    • Developers
    • Managers

How to create your research version

  1. Go to the template for the creation of a personal Spis development (here)
  2. Set the URI path of your project.
    (It must start with /archives/projects/spine/home/spis/software/workshops/communityWS/research/yourProjectName )
  3. Add the members of your project in the respective groups.
  4. Please add us in your observers. (/archives/projects/spine/managers)
  5. Edit your home page to explain your project
  6. Change the name of your project
    - Click on the link "Edit this Wiki Page"
    - Set the name of your home page.

Default security rules

  • Observers : People that are allowed to see your project
  • Developers : People that will contribute to your versioning systems
  • Managers : People that will manage the project resources.


Those security rules have been set automaticaly but can be modified at your own risk !

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