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This page contains links and description of several SPIS projects to provide on-line data and tools relevant to Spacecraft Plasma Interaction studies and spacecraft charging related fields.

FREJA Charging Database

Access to the database of spacecraft charging events identified during the operation of the Freja satellite is provided. A total of 291 surface charging events have been detected. The data set can be sorted according to all the parameters displayed.


PicUp3D is a 3D Spacecraft Plasma Interaction simulation tool based on a full electrostatic 3D PIC ion and electron model. This code is written in Java language and is developed in the frame of the IPICSS project (Investigation of Plasma Induced Charging of Satellite Systems), initiated at the IRF-K under ESA contract No: 13590/99/NL/MV. PicUp3D is still under development but since it is an open source project some modules are already available for testing.

List of Material Properties for NASCAP charging analysis

This list is complementary of the original list provided with NASCAP. It is provided without any guarantee. There are plans to update this list and prepare a professional database of material properties. Imputs, comments and feedbacks are very welcome.


The Spacecraft Plasma Interaction System shall include a framework for software co-development, a software library, a database of documentation and measurement and will be developed via ESA R&D activities.

Spacecraft Charging and Technology Conference archives

The page gather all preoceedings and papers of the Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference.

Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Guidelines and Handbook (external link)

The aim of this project is to provide, within Europe, a common set of guidelines regarding Spacecraft plasma interactions and charging. This study provides a European handbook for spacecraft plasma interaction effects that exists both as a written document and as an interactive tool. The guidelines describes when testing or detailed simulation is required but will differ from a formal requirements document by including recommendations, examples, graphs and simple equations. It lists European test and simulation assets as appropriate and gives contact information.

The purpose of this website is to provide access to all the documents created in this study. It will also be a mean of publicising the work being carried out during the project and making documents available to the SPINE community for review.

Other related links

7th ISSS proceeding (external link)

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