SPIS Usage survey

In the frame of an ESA activity, we are planning to implement a HPC version of the the numerical core of SPIS (mainly targeting electrical propulsion and lunar dust activities). We would appreciate if you could share about your experience with the SPIS software using the following link:

The responses are anonymous. Feel free to consult other SPIS users of your institute before filling the form in order to provide coordinated replies when relevant.

The deadline to answer the survey is May 12th.

Thanks a lot !


The new SPINE website is open

Welcome to the new SPINE website.

The previous website is no longer available to use, however a static archive of the previous site is still maintained at

It is mandatory to re-enroll for a new account on the new platform to be able to download software, access source code and post on the forum.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if something does not works for you, this is still a fresh new website !

The SPINE team


Welcome to the new website

This site is still under construction, please come back later !

In the meantime, the previous website is still available.