27th SPINE meeting

The 27th SPINE meeting will take place on the 19th and 20th of February 2020 at ESA / ESTEC (room Newton 2), 2200AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

This SPINE workshop is an open forum on new research and technological results, needs and plans in the area of spacecraft plasma interactions.

Contributions are very welcome in the various topics of interest for the European spacecraft/plasma community at large, such as:

  • Evolution of surface and internal charging environments and standards
  • Material properties (measurements, databases, new materials, etc ..)
  • Ground and space based experiments for surface and internal charging
  • Electric propulsion driven plasma environments, electrical orbit raising
  • Innovative numerical methods and approaches for surface and internal charging applications
  • Charging of Cubesats, Nanosats, effects on (miniaturised) instrumentation
  • Plasma (instrumentation and spacecraft electrostatic cleanliness
  • Charging of dusts in space, interactions with space probes
  • Simulation tools performances, current and future developments, interoperability between tools

The 27th edition is additionally encouraging contributions about models, simulation tools, experiments and data analysis related to internal charging.

Participation to the meeting is free of charge and open to all organisations from ESA member states but prior registration (by replying to this e-mail) is required to be given access to the meeting venue.

Due to this late announcement registrations will be accepted via the Registration Page until February 12th 2019.

We strongly encourage all workshop participants to contribute with a presentation (title and author required) and/or propose and possibly coordinate a discussion topic.

In case of registration issues using indico please send an email to:


Also, please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you think may be interested.

Fabrice Cipriani

Presentations and talks

Presentations of the meeting

Introduction19/02/2020 09:30Fabrice Cipriani
Surface Charging analysis for the MetOp-SG satellites19/02/2020 09:40Christian Imhof
JUICE spacecraft charging simulations and implications for particle measurements19/02/2020 10:05Mika Holmberg
The exposed bus bars on Rosetta solar panels and the bittersweet implications on plasma measurements in space19/02/2020 10:30Fredrik Johansson
Low altitude charging events analysis of Jason-3 using amber data19/02/2020 11:15Florine Enengl
Droplet dyaminc modeling for LISA mission19/02/2020 11:30Marc Villemant
TEC-QEE Laboratory support for spacecraft charging investigations19/02/2020 11:55Bruno Delacourt
Determination and archiving of the electrostatic characteristics of space materials at ONERA19/02/2020 12:20Ludivine Leclercq
Towards the merging of the surface and internal charging versions of SPIS19/02/2020 14:00Sébastien Hess
Modelling and experiments internal charging on connectors and PCBs19/02/2020 14:25Pierre Sarrailh
AMBER Internal charging19/02/2020 14:50Pierre Sarrailh
Development of a 3D Internal Charging Engineering Module in FASTRAD19/02/2020 15:30Jérémie Plewa
Round table on internal charging needs and tools improvements19/02/2020 15:55
Electrical Propulsion modelling at ADS19/02/2020 16:25Vincent Malzieu
Electrical Propulsion modelling at OHB19/02/2020 16:50Jens Laube
Development of an industrial simulation tool for plasma propulsion engineering19/02/2020 17:15Dejan Petkow
General feedbacks on EP – discussion19/02/2020 17:40
New SPINE website update and community involvment20/02/2020 09:30Julien Forest
Round table on SPINE website (roles and responsibilities, questionaire)20/02/2020 10:00
Conclusion and 27th SPINE Adjourn20/02/2020 10:50


Further information regarding how to access to ESTEC can be found here.