28th SPINE Meeting

The 28th SPINE meeting will take place on June 8th, 9th and 10th, as an online webex event. Details about how to connect will be sent the week before.

A conference room will be accessible in ESTEC on June 8th and 9th (but not 10th), with a VERY limited number of on site attendees (7 to 10 external max) – follow- up information will be provided. Please let us know by replying to this e mail if you wish to attend in person. 

Registration through the even website is still open, abstracts are not strictly mandatory but we expect a very large majority of participants to propose one . Abstracts are welcome until May 7th latesteob, they can be uploaded on the event indico event website through the registration page :

For the 28th edition we are especially encouraging contributions relevant to the following topics : 

  • Platform effects on Plasma measurements onboard Scientific missions 
  • Evolution of Internal Charging analyses and models, coupling with Surface Charging
  • Dust charging effects and interactions with systems in the context of lunar exploration 
  • Measurements of the Earth plasmasphere , data exploitation and gaps 
  • High Performance computing and application to spacecraft – plasma interactions 
  • Requirements and ideas for a European materials charging properties Database (a dedicated round table will be held)

In addition, contributions addressing all other aspects such as :

  • Evolution of surface and internal charging environments and standards  
  • Material properties (measurements, new materials, etc ..)
  • Ground and space based experiments for surface and internal charging
  • Electric propulsion driven plasma environments, electrical orbit raising
  • Innovative numerical methods and approaches for surface and internal charging applications
  • Charging of Cubesats, Nanosats, effects on (miniaturised) instrumentation
  • Plasma (instrumentation and spacecraft electrostatic cleanliness)
  • Simulation tools performances, current and future developments, interoperability between tools

are also most welcome. 

As announced earlier, the SPINE community website has been totally renewed with the content of the historical website migrated and partially updated. 

A few months ago we have launched a community questionnaire accessible via this link : : 
please take a few minutes to go through the short set of questions, we welcome your feedback until May 15th. 

The results of this survey will presented at the spine and serve as input to define contributive rules to the community version of the spis code.

Should you have any question on any of the above points, don’t hesitate to contact us at