29th SPINE Workshop announcement

The 29th SPINE workshop will take place from November 30th until December 2th 2022, COVID restrictions permitting, as an in-person meeting, at IRF Kiruna premises in Sweden.

The SPINE workshop is a European forum addressing all topics related to spacecraft plasma interactions.

We would like to encourage contributions in the following areas :

 Evolution of Internal Charging analyses and models, real time approaches

–  Dust charging effects and interactions with systems in the context of lunar exploration and e.g. Deep Space Gateway

 –  Platform effects on Plasma measurements onboard Scientific missions

– Measurements of the Earth plasmasphere , data exploitation and gaps

Electrical propulsion and plumes interaction with spacecraft, modelling and experiments, flight data analysis

 – High Performance computing and application to numerical codes for spacecraft – plasma interactions

The forum is fully open and contributions addressing the full range of topics (see below a non-exhaustive complementary list) are welcome !

  • Evolution of surface and internal charging environments and standards
  • Material properties (measurements, new materials, etc ..)  
  • Ground and space based experiments for surface and internal charging
  • Electric propulsion driven plasma environments, electrical orbit raising
  • Innovative numerical methods and approaches for surface and internal charging applications
  • Charging of Cubesats, Nanosats, effects on (miniaturised) instrumentation
  • Plasma (instrumentation and spacecraft electrostatic cleanliness)
  • Simulation tools performances, current and future developments, interoperability between tools

The program of the workshop will run over 2.5 days (max 3 depending on the amount of contributions).

Please submit your contribution(s) by using the following link (see also travel and accommodation information in Kiruna) :

Although the workshop will be in person, online participation will remain possible (a full hybrid format is however not planned).            

Please not that the deadline to submit a contribution is September 16th, 1800CET.

Should you have any question on any of the above points, don’t hesitate to contact us  !

Take care and Stay safe
Best Regards