Reference documents

This section gathers a large set of reference documents relative to the spacecraft-plasma interactions and spacecraft charging thematic, including open-access papers, conference proceedings, PhD manuscripts.

To submit a new reference document, please contact the SDAB manager.

Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference Archives

This compilation of archives of past Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference is the result of participant feedbacks during the 8th Spacecraft Charging Conference in 2003. Many from industry, academic, government and international organisations expressed their interest in having a “quick access” to all the information available.

A Conference Program, NASA’s Space Environment and Effects (SEE) set out to develop this page for the community. The SEE Program would like to acknowledge the following organizations for sponsoring the past conferences as well as the ones currently active in the community.

The SEE Program would also like to especially acknowledge The New Economy Institute for compiling and formatting the content of this disk.

Archives of the proceedings of Spacecraft Charging Technology Conferences:

This mirror is hosted by Artenum in the frame of SPINE community. The original and official version is hosted by the Space Environment and Effects (SEE) program.

Other space environment related Web sides

SPENVIS is ESA’s SPace ENVironment Information System, a WWW interface to models of the space environment and its effects