The software components listed here after constitute the SPIS software, correspondign to the current stable reference version of SPIS (i.e. SPIS-6.0.4), and the related direct dependencies, considered as “Third Parties” in the frame of SPIS.

These components are owned by the Initial Owner(s) and must be considered as Background Intellectual Property Rights (or Background IPR) for further developments based on SPIS or theses component in whole or in part.

This list is subject to changes, extensions or suppressions and it is regular updated and might subject to modifications on specific versions or branches and/or releases of SPIS. Please refer to the corresponding lists embedded with each release (i.e. COPYRIGHT.TXT and THIRDPARTY.TXT files) or extract the detailed dependencies tree from the source code with the following Maven command:

mvn dependency:tree

Completed by the external tools (e.g. Gmsh) embed with the SPIS release.

In case of developments performed for agencies, like ESA or CNES, the elements listed here below should be considered as “Background Intellectual Property Rights” ( BIPR) and we strongly recommend to submit this list to the relevant contract and technical officers for approbation prior to all usage and/or integration of these elements in whole or in part.

Furthermore, we remind that these components may themselves based on other third-parties components or “transitive dependencies” not listed here.

Please notice that some elements might subject to geographical and/or application fields restrictions, please check before use.

The use of these components should be done in the frame of the open-source licenses listed here below only and exclude all transfer of intellectual property right from the respective owners of each of these element to user/developer and will remain fully owned by the Initial owner(s).

The integration scheme of contributions, bug-fixes, extensions, modifications or extensions depends on the politic of each component. In case such case, please contact the relevant contact point/responsible for the contributions submission procedure and IPR centralisation rules.

A Word version of the present list is avaliable as well and can be used as basis for the definition of the Background Intellectual Property Right (BIPR) for further works including activities funded by agencies (e.g. ESA, CNES, European Comunity, ANR…).

The present list corresponds to SPIS 6.0.4 and has been updated the 16th July of 2020.

Artenum & ONERA BIPR
Exact name of BIPR ItemOwners(s)Description / PurposePatent # or Ref. / Issue / Revision / Version #Contract / Funding details under which the IPR was createdDate of creation of the version of BIPR listed hereTypes(s) of License*Contact point
SPIS-NUMONERASoftware components part of the SPIS software (solvers, physics models)V6.0.2Several internal Artenum projects and ESA and CNES funded projects, see credits30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS AISEPS pluginAirbus Defence and Space/ESA/ONERAElectric propulsion simulation (in deprectaion, replace by Electric propulsion plugin)V5.2.8ESA #4200022730/09/NL/Sfe30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS DUST pluginONERAdust and regolith charging physics modelsV5.2.8ESA contract 40004107327/12/NL/AK30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Erosion Contamination pluginONERAErosion and contamination physicsV1.0.6ESA/ESTEC contract No 4000116103/15/NL/LF30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Electric Propulsion pluginONERAElectric propulsion physicsV1.0.6ESA/ESTEC contract No 4000116103/15/NL/LF30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS High Voltage pluginONERASmall exposed condutor modelsV1.0.6ESA/ESTEC contract No 4000116103/15/NL/LF30/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Passive Discharging pluginONERAPassive discharging physics modelsV1.030/09/2019GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Advanced field solvers pluginONERAadvanced field solvers for SPISV0.1ESA/ESTEC contract No 4000122088/17/NL/LF/AS31/08/2020GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Low Noise distributions pluginONERALow noise distributions for SPISV1.0ONERA/CNES phD fellowship30/09/2018GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Liquid Ion Thruster pluginONERALiquid ion device physics modelsV0.1ESA/ESTEC contract No4000125459/18/NL/IB/GG31/08/2020GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS Thermic pluginONERAThermal solverV0.1ESA/ESTEC contract No4000125459/18/NL/IB/GG31/08/2020GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS standardIO pluginsONERASPIS IO formats following international standardV0.1UE Project ID 871149, ESA/ESTEC Contract #31/08/2020GPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS-UIArtenum SARLDedicated IME layer of the SPIS applicationV6.0.4Several internal Artenum projects and ESA and CNES funded projectscf websiteGPLsee www.spis.org
SPIS-InstrumentsONERA, Artenum SARLVirtual instruments interface of the SPIS applicationcf websiteSeveral projects and internal R&D at Artenum and ONERAcf websiteGPLsee www.spis.org
Keridwen WrappingArtenum SARLWrapping of other technologies (natives)cf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2010GPLsee www.keridwen.org
Keridwen CoreArtenum SARLCore modules of the Keridwen IMEcf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2010GPLsee www.keridwen.org
Keridwen ToolsArtenum SARLTop level modules of the Keridwen IMEcf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2010GPLsee www.keridwen.org
NisabaArtenum SARLLow level mathematical librarycf websiteInternal R&D at Artenumcf websiteGPLsee dev.artenum.com/projects/nisaba
FridaArtenum SARLPorperties librarycf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2011GPLsee dev.artenum.com/projects/frida
PenelopeArtenum SARL3D unstructured mesh librarycf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2005GPLsee dev.artenum.com/projects/Penelope/
ArtTkArtenum SARLGraphical toolkit ofr scientific applicationscf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2005LGPLsee dev.artenum.com/projects/ArtTk
CassandraArtenum SARLScientific data viewer based on VTKcf websiteInternal R&D at Artenum2003GPLsee dev.artenum.com/projects/cassandra
Third-party BIPR
Exact name of BIPR ItemOwners(s)Description / PurposeTypes(s) of License*Contact point
XStreamJoe Walnes, XStream CommittersXML serialisation / de-serialisation libraryBSDsee x-stream.github.io/
Commons BeanutilsApache Software FoundationJava-based utility to provide component based architectureApache v2see github.com/apache/commons-beanutils
Commons CodecApache Software FoundationImplementation of commons encoders and decoders such as base64, hex, Phonetic and URLsApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-codec/
Commons DigesterApache Software FoundationXML processing libraryApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-digester/
HttpClientApache Software Foundationcf websiteApache v2see hc.apache.org/
Commons IOApache Software Foundationcf websiteApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-io/
Commons JEXLApache Software FoundationLibrary intended to facilitate the implementation of dynamic and scripting features Apache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-jexl/
Commons LoggingApache Software FoundationLibrary to log informationApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-logging/
Commons SCXMLApache Software FoundationGeneric state-machine based execution environment based on Harel State TablesApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-scxml/
NetCDFUCAR / UnidataSet of software libraries and machine-independent data formats MIT-stylesee www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/
JFreeCHartObject RefineryCharts libraryGPLsee www.jfree.org/jfreechart/
ConcJUnitACM DigitalConcurrency-aware version of JUnitBSDsee ricken.us/research/concutest/concjunit/
JUnitJUnit contributorsCf websiteCPLsee junit.org/junit5/
Log4jApache Software FoundationLogging libraryApache v2see logging.apache.org/log4j/2.x/
GNU TroveFree Software FondationFast, lightweight implementation of java.util Collections APIGNU LGPLsee trove4j.sourceforge.net
Fortran to Java ARPACKUniversity of Tennessee / ICLJava API to numerical libraries originally written in Fortran (inc. BLAS and LAPACK)BSDsee sourceforge.net/projects/f2j/
jExcel APIAndy KhanJava Excel API – A Java API to read, write and modify Excel spreadsheetsGNU LGPLsee jexcelapi.sourceforge.net/
Commons MathApache Software FoundationLibrary of lightweight, self-contained mathematicsApache v2see commons.apache.org/proper/commons-math/
Docking FramesDocking Frames CommunityOpen source Java Swing docking frameworkGPLsee www.docking-frames.org/
OSGiOSGI Alliancecf websiteApache v2see www.osgi.org/
SLF4JQOS.chSimple Logging Facade for JavaMITsee www.slf4j.org/
SwingXSwingLabscf websiteLGPLsee en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SwingLabs
VTKKitware Inc.Visualization Tool KitBSDsee vtk.org
XalanApache Software FoundationTransform XML documents using XSLT standard stylesheetsApache v2see xalan.apache.org/
Xercers2 Java ParserApache Software FoundationXML ParserApache v2see xerces.apache.org/xerces2-j/
XML-APIsApache Software Foundationcf websiteApache v2see xerces.apache.org/xml-commons/
XML Pull Parsing APIS. Haustein, A. Slominskicf websitePublic domainsee www.xmlpull.org/
XOME. Rusty HaroldTree-based API for processing XMLLGPLsee www.xom.nu/
MPXP1: XML Pull Parser 3rd Edition (XPP3)A. Slominskicf websiteIndianasee www.extreme.indiana.edu/xgws/xsoap/xpp/mxp1/
Felix iPOJOApache Software FoundationFlexible and extensible service component modelApache v2see felix.apache.org/documentation/subprojects/apache-felix-ipojo.html
jBlasM. L. Braun et. al.Java programming language built upon BLAS and LAPACKBSD revisedsee jblas.org/
JythonJim HuguninJava implementation of PythonPSFL v2see www.jython.org/
Java runtimeOraclecf websiteOracle Licensesee www.java.com/
GmshC. Geuzaine, J.-F. Remacle3D finite element mesh generatorGPLsee gmsh.info
* Licenses acronyms:
  • GPL: General Public License
  • LGPL: Lesser General Public License
  • BSD: Berkeley Software Distribution license
  • Apache v2: The Apache Software License, version 2.0
  • MIT: MIT License
  • CPL: Common Public License version 1.0
  • GNU LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License
  • Indiana: Indiana University Extreme! Lab Software License, version 1.1.1 (Public Domain)
  • PSFL: Python Software Foundation License

NB: Please take that this list might be subject to changes and updates or be completed, depending on the versions/branches of SPIS and the versions number of these elements might change with the versions of SPIS.

NB: Please notice that the documentation, input data (e.g. CAD file, material characteristics….) and examples are not listed here and are governed by their own IRP and licensing rules. Moreover some of these elements might be subject to geographical restrictions. Please refer to the individual IPR for each element.