Software Decision Advisory Board

Software Decision Advisory Board (SDAB) being in charge of:

  • Coordinate of the community
  • Establish the community rules
  • Establish propositions of roadmaps of tools developped and maintained in the frame of SPINE
  • Evaluate and integrate the contributions proposed by the community members to the supported projects, including SPIS
  • Identify and centralise the users and community needs
  • Propose developments projects and tools
  • Organise community meetings and events
  • Moderate the forums and the exchange areas
  • Take in charge of all element relative to the General Data Protection Regulation

The SDAB is constituted of height members mainly issued from the community founders and historical members, currently presided by ESA.

The SDAB sits about two times per year, especially to evaluate and integrate proposed contributions.

For your convenience and for the redundancy of the hosting, some SDAB members mirror whole and part of the SPINE Web site and hosted resources:

  • ESA’s SPINE mirror (still under construction)

For all questions relative to SPINE and/or contribution to the supported projects, please contact the SDAB manager.