Web Site Policy and Community Rules

Introduction / Generalities

The present document defines the SPINE Web Site or “Web Site” (i.e. spis.org) Policy or “Comunity Rules”, governing the usage of the Web site by the user and contributors and the collaboration rules inside the SPINE community.

By accessing to the Web Site, you (as User) and/or at the registration as SPINE Member agrees de facto to respect in whole the present rules and responsability.


  • Web Site: here after, the term of Web Site refers to the SPINE community Web site and hosted data and located at the spis.org address.
  • Web Site Manager: the Web Site Manager(s) is the person(s) designed by the SDAB and the hosting entity to manage and regule the Web Site.
  • Web Site User or User: names of the user (i.e. you) accessing to Web site and hosted data for consultation and/or contribution. The User can be:
    • Simple User: as « not logged guest » in reading mode only for the public parts of the Web site;
    • SPINE Member or logged user: the SPINE Member be authorised to do it individually for each section, with the possibility of:
      • Read, consult and access to restricted sections;
      • Write and edit new or existing documents (modification)
      • Upload (and download) documents
      • May subject potential contributions to the Web Site or hosted projects.
      • May upload hosted and/or shared data and/or software.
  • Hosted Data: names all data hosted on the Web Site and not directly part of its Web content (i.e. web page and iconography), this may include, but not limited to, data, images, documents and software.
  • Consultation of the Web Site: by the Consultation of the Web Site, it is understood a consultation in read, as Simple User, or contributions or to access to hosted data, as SPINE Member, in a interactive way, through a standard Web browser.

Consultation of the Web site

The consultation of the Web site should be understood as “good family father” and without annoyance to other users nor impact on the service of Web site. More especially, non-interactive consultation, using script or commands like Wget or Curl, for instance, all form off attempt of Deny of Service (DoD) or insult and/or defamation toward all other User or the Web site or the SPINE community or its Members is totally forbidden and will lead to revocation of the User / Member and/or legal pursuits.

Rules regarding the Hosted Data

Regarding the Web contributions

For newly documents or contents published on the Website, excepted uploaded data and software, as primary author, the Contributor may keep the related primary Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) but, by acceptation of the present Community Rules and the General Conditions of Uses of the Web Site,  the Contributor must agree these documents or contents are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license or the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and that other SPINE members may use, modify, extend, copy and distribute these documents or contents freely and without any constraints.

In case of modification(s) and/or extension, each Contributors must de facto agree these documents or contents become, a collaborative work and the corresponding IPRs become shared by primary Contributor and the editing SPINE members.

Due to this collaborative character of the modified Work, each Contributor de facto agrees to do not exercise any kind of moral rights on these contents.

Each Contributor agree that the maintenance of these documents or contents on the Website, eventually anonymized, with your name as co-author or contributor removed, does not constitute a violation of the Right to Be Forgotten.

Regarding the hosted data, documents and software

  • Governed by their own IPR and licensing rules
  • But must imperatively be clearly defined and declared to the SDAB, and explicitly agreed by, before to be uploaded.

Regarding the Right to Be forgotten:

On simple demand by e-mail to the DPO or to the Website Manager, personal and collected data can be suppressed.

However, by default published data, like for instance messages on forums, will remain online on the Website.

On explicit demand, they can be anonymized, your name being replaced by “anon” followed by a unique random number for each deleted user.

Regarding the User’s responsibility

The User remains fully responsible regarding the law and all relevant third parties of all of your contributions.

The User agrees and confirm that you have the complete right to put on the Website all your contributions and you do not infringe any Intellectual Property Right (IPR) nor trademarks nor patents nor Moral Right of any Thirds Party, nor confidentiality obligations relative to these documents.

The User must agree to respect the French law and his/her local law and regulation.

Moderation and application of the Data Protection Rules (DPR)

Each Users must agree that SDAB and/or the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and/or the legal representative of moral person hosting the WebSite has and keep an unilaterally right of the moderation and, if need be, removing of all content, including forum posts and messages, documents, software and data hosted on the Web Site.


Each User and/or SPINE contributor agree that the present Web site and its Hosted Data may be mirrored in whole or in part on other sites and be eventually updated/changed/editor.

The demands of mirroring should beforehand be submitted to the SDAD that can unilaterally agree or refuse this mirroring;

The mirrored site should refer to the initial and reference Web Site (i.e. spis.org) and respect the initial IPR and citation rules.

Reference Law and Court

The present Web site, the SPINE community and the hosted documents and data are governed by the French law. In case of conflict or infringement of the law, the court of reference will be the court of Paris, France.

Done at Paris, France, the 21st of July, 2020.