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To access to the hosted software (including SPIS), data, the software forge, the forums and other tools of the SPINE community, a user registration as SPINE Member to the SPINE community is mandatory.

Registration and acceptance of the GDPR and Web Site Policy: To be registered as SPINE Member, you must fill the SPINE Community registration form and, by registration as User and/or SPINE Member, your fully agree to the GDPR and Web Site Policy and Community Rules of the present Web site.

Take care that only registrations done through this form will be valid on this platform only and not on possible mirrors.

IMPORTANT REMARK: Please note that the login/password on the present Web site differ on the historical site and a new registration as SPINE Member is required including if you are registered on the historical site.

If you have already an account, you can proceed directly to the login pages:

To request to be unregistered as SPINE Member and/or to be forgotten, please contact us.