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Spacecraft Plasma Interactions Network in Europe (SPINE)

The objective of this network is to share resources and to co-ordinate efforts in all domains related to the interaction of Spacecraft with the space plasma. The creation of this network and its primary objectives have been decided during a Round Table held on 24-2-2000 at ESTEC. SPINE stands for Spacecraft Plasma Interactions Network in […]

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The community

The SPINE community is an open, peaceful and non-profits scientific and industrial community, dedicated to the study and the modelling of the interactions between space plasma and space systems, including spacecraft, payloads, scientific instruments, natural space objects. Spacecraft-plasma interactions include: spacecraft charging, in surface (i.e. surface charging) the computation of the electrostatic sheath structures and […]

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Publications and scientific communications

Developed tools and SPINE related activities have led to numerous scientific publications and communications.

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News and events

The SPINE community organises regularly meetings and events. SPINE meetings are open to all participants and, in most of the cases, without registration fee.

  • SPIS Usage survey
    In the frame of an ESA activity, we are planning to implement a HPC version of the the numerical core of SPIS (mainly targeting electrical propulsion and lunar dust activities). We would appreciate if you could share about your experience … Read more
  • 29th SPINE Workshop announcement
    The 29th SPINE workshop will take place from November 30th until December 2th 2022, COVID restrictions permitting, as an in-person meeting, at IRF Kiruna premises in Sweden. The SPINE workshop is a European forum addressing all topics related to spacecraft … Read more
  • 16th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference
    The 16th Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference has been rescheduled for April 4-8, 2022  and will take place virtually. Abstract Submission already is open until February 28. You can find more information on the official website of the conference: https://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/sctc2022/.

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SPIS, for Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Software, is a rich and advanced 3D modelling tool for the spacecraft-plasma interactions, able to model a large set of phenomenon relative to spacecraft charging. SPIS includes an advanced 3D electrostatic plasma solver based on a unstructured mesh and able to dynamically model detailed sheath structures around complex and realistic … Read more

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Other tools and data

  • PicUp3D is a simple, academic and experimental 3D structured plasma codes, for PIC model educational applications.
  • Freja Charging Database
  • Documentations and SCTC proceedings gathers a large set of scientific publications and documents related to the plasma-space systems interaction.